We Power Play!

At a time when AI, big data and predictive technology have just crossed the threshold into the tourism sector, B2B Tourism has taken a giant step for the industry by introducing the world’s first social, machine-learning recreation platform Pockit Concierge. Not resting at that, we have also partnered with the industry heavy-weights to bring you powerful technologies and broad reach that will improve your tourism business, including a booking platform, loyalty program, content marketplace and so much more.
Wotsay is our demo public-facing mobile app powered by the B2B Tourism’s matchmaking software. This machine-learning channel matches people with their best things to see and do. Unlike the more generic channels of Instagram and Facebook, this channel is tourism specific and will be downloaded at hotels, visitors information centres and by members of various loyalty clubs around Australia.

We pay funsters!

Are you the life of the party? Do people follow your updates and engage? If you know how to stitch together a good time, you can earn money on our app, which will be branded and downloaded at hotels and visitor information centres. Create mid-week packages or weekend getaways and earn commissions whenever users click on bookings in your itinerary. Just as Airbnb made entrepreneurs of anyone with a spare room, we support anyone who knows a good time. If you are a professional OTA or influencer you’ll probably want to stake your territory early.
For industry, we put vendors in front of their ideal customers when they are ready to buy.

Meet Our Team

John Hancock
Darryl Smith
Head of Product
Hans Oon
Lead Developer
Lee Arnould
Senior Developer
Robert Vandermeer
Data Analyst
Lionel Kayasith
Frontend Developer
Vera Su
Frontend Developer
Zihen Zhou (Joe)
Solutions Guy

Advisory Board

Graeme McKellar
MD IFL Ventures
Nigel Hennessy
MD Hearnshaw & Partners
Don Morris AO
Chair Tourism Think Tank
Howard Koval
VP TravelSpike
Leon Gurevich
Principal L2 Consulting
Mark Hollands

Wotsay launches at TravMedia 2020

Last week Wotsay's CEO John Hancock attended the annual TravMedia event at the International Convention Centre in Sydney's Darling Harbour. This was a great opportunity to introduce the Wotsay platform to professional writers who's business is content creation for the travel industry.

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