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Domestic travel will boom this year and we all need to bring our best game.
Our flagship customer-matchmaking technology is world-first and arrives with a gang of proven platforms that streamline bookings, loyalty programs, content creation, campaign monitoring, deal promotions and more. We are particularly keen to connect with hotels, councils and media.

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Hotels & Councils

Curate itineraries that showcase nearby funnery. 


Our content is professional-to-raw and free to use.


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A tourism specific social media platform

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Promote disability access

End users can filter by disability access, rewarding vendors that also prioritise accessibility

Push alerts = real-time visibility

We’re not a sleeping travel site waiting for visitors, we’re a concierge in their pocket that drives bookings.

Connect with your ideal audience

Our algorithms ensure a great match between your business and your customers, which translates to better outcomes for all.

No restrictions

Even the smallest business or a single entrepreneur can create an ‘experience’ or itinerary around their services.

Stand out from the crowd

Our engine suggests your venue to users who value your selling points. Meet your ideal customers and reduce reputation risk.

Promote ecotourism

If you’re an eco-friendly vendor, this is your time to shine, with users able filter and review on this important selling point.

Lower booking commissions

We will never charge big booking commissions, because most of our revenues are derived from other verticals.

Data Analytics

Access monthly reports on national, state, regional and local hospitality consumer patterns for better decision making

We probably already list your business, but just to be sure..


In a market that pushes online inventory in front of strangers, WikiWots focuses on the user. By continually calculating cluster paterns and how people respond to events, activities, venues and attractions against interests, age and mood, WikiWots improves its capacity to suggest the stuff most likely to appeal. Combine these smarts with good old-fashioned human generated content and a social platform, and very quickly WikiWots becomes the most powerful engine in the world for discovering and coordinating fun.

WikiWots itinerary carousels can be quickly customised and shared with friends. Collaboration tools accelerate decision-making, reducing hours of coordination to minutes.

This is NOT another catalogue trip-planner website. Beyond the traditional travel or holiday planners, WikiWots puts your brand in their pocket for planning holidays or simply activities today.

Our technology is world first. What Viator did to tourism with the arrival of the internet, WikiWots does with the arrival of big data.

Benefits of an early premium partnership include:

  • Lock out your competition – we don’t register competing premium vendors
  • Reach your ideal audience like never before
  • Access market trends nationally, statewide, regionally and locally with our data analytics packs
  • Promote ecotourism and disability-access features/services
  • Recieve 30% discount on all contracts before June 2020

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WikiWots is available to the public as the ‘Wotsay’ mobile app.

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