Wotsay is our demo public-facing mobile app powered by the B2B Tourism’s matchmaking software ‘Wikiwots’. This machine-learning channel matches people with their best things to see and do. Unlike the more generic channels of Instagram and Facebook, this channel is tourism specific and will be downloaded at hotels, visitors information centres and by members of various loyalty clubs around Australia.

We are a hyperlocal ‘experience’ channel that captures user imagination, which in turn drives bookings for flights, hotels and activities. We already have over 100k listings, but our secret sauce is the hybrid combination of individual listings along with curated itineraries – fun times stitched together by real people for real people. Think Facebook Events x Tripadvisor x 10

If you know a good time mid-week, weekends or across holiday periods, we want your content! In exchange, we will put your itineraries in front of highly targeted audiences – families, retirees, singles, millennials, business and LGBTQ. Our priority focus on user over inventory means our audiences do not arrive and leave as strangers, like all the catalogue websites. Instead, our Wotsayers count on our app to be their pocket concierge for receiving optimal fun suggestions that truly match them.

And every time a user books something in your itinerary, we pass on 100% of that commission to you if you already have your affiliate networks in place, or 90% if we setup for you!

We ingest inventory from multiple databases, so mostly the curation work will be select vendor(s), create itinerary, checkbox your preferred audiences, add text and feature image, submit. Repeat.

Mark out your territory early, build your followers and earn direct income from the world’s first AI tourism app.