Allowing hotels, councils and media to distribute our technology.

We spent the past 2-years and $600k building the world’s first AI tourism app. Domestic travel is about to boom and we will enable hotel apps and councils to showcase personalised itineraries that drive bookings. We create Optimal Personalised Experiences (OPE’s) across a tourism-dedicated social ecosystem built on machine-learning technology. We have over 120k listings and a partnerhsip that puts our technology in front of 4.5 million Australians this year.
People spend more than 10% of online time researching travel and recreation. AI is common in retail, but still tourism tech knows little about its customrs. “Consumers are no longer just looking for a price-point cheap or best deal, they’re increasingly looking at what’s best for them. They’re expecting personalised experiences that specifically meet their demands.” Michelle Allen, Head of Travel Google Australia – March 2020
Our B2B whitelabel platform ‘Pockit Concierge’ is a hyperlocal ‘experience’ channel that captures user imagination, which in turn drives bookings not only for the activities, but also transport and accommodation. Our channel puts content and vendors in front of ideal audiences at a time and place they are ready to buy.
We are a team of tenacious, visionary individuals, including the former Chair of the Australian Tourism Commission, Don Morris AO.

“Many of the most iconic companies were forged and shaped during difficult times. We partnered with Cisco shortly after Black Monday in 1987. Google and PayPal soldiered through the aftermath of the dot-com bust. More recently, Airbnb, Square, and Stripe were founded in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis. Constraints focus the mind and provide fertile ground for creativity.” Sequoia Capital

“On the positive side a lot of the really great companies were founded or in the early parts of their lives during a downturn. Paypal, Google, Facebook in the dot com crash, Uber, Airbnb out of the GFC. Why? There’s less competition, less noise. Larger companies are pulling back to their core products. Survive at all costs… and you’ll come out strong the other side.” Richard Baker, Co-founder Blackbird Ventures.

In good company

  • Viator

    1995 –  Australian company Viator capitalises on the arrival of the internet to launch the world’s first online travel agency (OTA). 2014 sold to Tripadvisor for $297m.

  • Wotif

    2000 – Australian company Wotif disrupts the global booking market with 7-day in advance booking specials. 2014 sold to Expedia for $703m.

  • Hotels Combined

    2005 – Australian company disrupts the hotel booking sector with a compelling price-comparison proposition. 2018 sold to Kayak for $140m cash.

  • SiteMinder

    2006 – Two friends Mike build a channel manager to empower hotels. 2007 $250k raise. 2020 valued over $1b with $70m raise in January.

  • Rezdy

    2012 – Australian company Rezdy raises $250k and by 2018 has raised $9.6m to deliver the world’s leading experience booking platform, 80,000+ listings.

  • Amazingco

  • Travlr

    2015 – Australian company Travlr “connects travellers, tourism operators and the biggest players in the industry” for pre-destination bookings. Raises $5m in 2017 and $7.6m in 2018.

    2017 – Australian company Amazingco designs experience packages for families, couples and friends. Raises $5.1m in 2019, $7.4m total

  • B2B Tourism

    2020 – Australian company B2B Tourism capitalises on the arrival of Big Data to launch the world’s first machine-learning social app for tourism. Wotsay is an in-destination ‘concierge in their pocket’, offered as whitelabel to hotels, media and councils.

“So in one site you can see your reservations, find inspiration in a travel guide about possible destinations you want to go to and then carry on to book a flight, a hotel or a package… a flight plus hotel together. My wish is to see activities as the next tab we have here.”

Eugenie Lam, Head of Google Travel Partnerships for APAC Arival, Bangkok 2019

“After reshaping the accommodation sector worldwide, the platform is well on its way to redefine how tours are created, run and sold. Airbnb is often credited with pioneering the concept of Experiences in tours and activities.”

Arival, Orlando 2019

“Nothing is changing with respect to our strategy in experiences and our commitment to the connected trip. It remains a priority investment area.”

Leslie Cafferty, SVP Booking Holdings 2019

Wot they’re saying…

Wotsay is a machine-learning social app that sits in the sweet spot of making life better for vendors and users, at no cost to either. We are the concierge in the pocket for tourists and locals keen on things to do and see today, tomorrow, next week or next holidays.

Domestic tourism will recover faster and dominate for 12+ months. Wotsay specialises in hyperlocal tourism.