Wotsay launches at TravMedia 2020

Wotsay makes it’s first public splash


A moment among 22 interviews for Wotsay CEO John Hancock




The Wotsay app launches late March

On February 28 I attended the annual TravMedia event at the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. This was a great opportunity to introduce the Wotsay platform to professional writers whose business is content creation for the travel industry.


The mobile phone chargers were a big hit for travelling writers!

Wotsay’s dance card was filled from the first round of matchmaking preferences a few days earlier, resulting in 22 x 15-minute interviews bookended by a chime that will haunt attendees for weeks to come.


Our exhibit raised a few eyebrows, with nearly all interviewers and many passers-by commenting on the ‘magic’ video on the banner. Some even looked behind the banner to see how we were running the video and one person asked for the contact details of the company who did it for us… so I gave her my card.


The mobile phone chargers were popular give-aways and the two tablets made for quick access to multiple media assets as well as a bigger version of the app.


Response to the Wotsay app was affirming, with most inteviewers understanding our proposition in less than a minute and quickly offering ways they could use the platform in their work. While the value of finding something to do and coordinating with friends was a no-brainer, the ‘a-ha’ pennies dropped with the hybrid combination of human and computer smarts to generate meaningful results for Wotsayers. More than a list of optimal disparate listings, Wotsay’s curated packages adds a sophisticated layer of fun, created by real people for real people.


A Wotsayer may receive an invite from a friend to join their Saturday Wotsay itinerary (or ‘Wotplot’), or may follow others, be they influencers, travel writers or simply people who know how to stitch together funnery! And every time a Wotsayer clicks on a booking within that itinerary, the creator of the itinerary is commissioned 95% of the affiliate commission Wotsay receives for that booking!


The day was full of discussion, insights and good humour. This is an audience up for adventure and alert to new channels for their content. I won’t lie, I couldn’t help feeling a normally rare sense of envy as these travellers dropped into my launch-pad for a moment before their next great adventure! A BIG thanks to all the writers who chose Wotsay on their dance card. To those who requested interviews we were unable to accommodate, press material will be sent directly.